Monday, December 9, 2013


When we visited in the grandest city of them all, that being New York, we stopped in for lunch at a little place called Eataly. I had heard of this place from my sister, who also loves all things gourmet and Italian (together if possible!) and after a bit of research, we decided to hoof it up to the Flatiron District to take a peek.

It was amazing!

The place reminded me a lot of the outdoor markets we visited in Florence, Italy and even Quincy Market, in Boston. We were lucky to have arrived just before the hectic lunch crowd and had the chance to walk all around, perusing the wares and even listening in on a cooking demo and tour.

The candies were arranged in the prettiest packages and tins!

Say "cheese"!

Meats galore.

This way to the most incredible meal!

I was intrigued by the inky black linguine.

And loved the smell of the garlic wafting everywhere.

If you haven't tried Panettone for Christmas, you should this year!

 For lunch I ordered at the vegetarian cafe-- a divine eggplant caponata. If caponata can be described as "creamy", this one was. The meal literally had layers of flavor!

We finished off our lunches with a doppo espresso, a mini chocolate "Bacio" and walked away warm and content... off to our next NYC adventure!