Saturday, September 8, 2012

Delancey & Essex

I've talked about my obsession with Ballard, pizza, good food, and the blog Orangette before. And coincidentally, I am reading A Homemade Life, and loving it so much. But, a few weekends ago, we were lucky enough to have a quick trip to Seattle before a family Labor Day get together. And...we went to Delancey. We got to meet up with my very dear friend Sarah, who I keep around mostly in case I get into trouble and I need an attorney to back me up. Really, it's true. I have some pretty cool friends, and like I tell her, she's one of the Top 5 Coolest Friends of mine. In addition, she has been known to make certain people delicious carrot cake for their birthdays, too.

 This is a rather old picture of Sarah and I. Technically she was my "boss" when this picture was taken, but believe me, our friendship runs much deeper than our love for legal research.

Anyways, it just so happens that even though she assists with cooking classes at The Pantry, next door to Delancey, Sarah and her boyfriend, had only experienced Delancey pizza one other time! Since they are such fabulous and supportive friends, they satisfied our (okay, my) burning desire to check out the restaurant and the new bar, Essex, that just opened. That's right, we went to a buzzed about bar shortly after it just opened its doors. And, it was featured in the Seattle Times. So we put on our party hats and headed out to Ballard, our old stomping grounds. Luckily, we had an hour wait ahead of us at Delancey, so we headed over to Essex. And wow, was it neat. The cocktail list was concise, but complex. I ordered a cocktail carefully crafted with elderflower and herbs and Sarah tried a light breezy citrus beverage. Our significant others ordered cocktails too, but clearly I was too enamored with mine to remember what they were.

Mine is the pink one with pretty flowers floating in it! Tres chic!

An hour later, we continued on to pizza...

Delicious, just delicious. The environment is simple, yet very Seattle-y, with local art and photography lining the white walls. To be honest, I did not get a lot of pictures of our pizza, because I was too busy consuming it. Pictured above is the bacon onion, a magical combination of pure flavor explosions. We additionally ordered (and finished) a pepperoni, a white pizza, and a mozzarella.

All in all, a wonderful night full of good drink, good friends, and good food. A girl can honestly ask for nothing more. Go visit Delancey, and have a night you won't forget.