Saturday, September 8, 2012

Local Fun

My husband and I decided to explore some quaint nearby towns today, squeezing in a morning trip before we settled down to watch our alma mater's football game. We met in college, so obviously it's a special place for us, and we'd never miss a game!

Our last stop on the way home was the town of Prosser, our county seat. I'd wanted to check out the town for some time, because I heard that the antiquing was quite good, not to mention the abundance of wineries. Anyways, we checked out a few antique shops and galleries, I picked up some pretty vintage earrings and a necklace, in addition to seeing lots of fun ideas for restoring some old furniture!

After strolling around this historic town, we stopped to have lunch at Davey's Burger Ranch. Now, we're not ones to typically visit burger ranches. Not to be a snob, but I pride myself on healthy eating and local ingredients. However, the growl of our stomachs would not be ignored, so we crossed the street. I ordered a grilled chicken fajita, the husband got some sort of gut wrenching burger, and we agreed to try fried asparagus.

 Don't worry, I am not going to extoll the wonders of fried food. In fact, fried chicken gives me stomach pains just thinking about it. But the opportunity to try some tasty vegetables at a local joint was just too great. And yes, of course it was delicious.

We followed it up with a nice soft serve peanuty chocolate sundae. We had a lovely, indulgent Saturday and I highly recommend Prosser for those who love wine, good food, and an old town feel. Of course, for all my friends and family, we will be visiting there when you stop by, because I couldn't get enough of it!

PS. Go Dawgs!

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