Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I just found out that Sage and Sound is featured on Feastie! This is super exciting for me as I've perused the blogs featured on Feastie, and I find myself to be in great company. Please click around and check out the website. A new feature on the top left of your screen is the Feastie Tool Bar. I've copied the instructions for it's use below, I'm now I'm looking forward to starting my grocery list and saved recipes.


The FeastieBar
Recipe Gallery
Find your blog's recipes in one place - each individual blog has their own gallery featuring all of their recipes. The number on the green pear reflects the number of recipes in that gallery - click the pear to see your blog’s recipe collection. On non-recipe posts (such as a homepage) you'll have a button with a green pear that directs users to your Feastie recipe gallery. Posts with recipes will feature all four of the FeastieBar buttons seen above.
BookmarkBookmark favorite recipes in one place. Search from over 100,000 recipes from hundreds of food blogs - and new recipes are added daily. Bookmarked favorites are stored in user profiles for easy access. 
Grocery ListCreate a grocery list automatically with one click. Feastie organizes the grocery list for users, according to aisle/department - they can access the list (and your recipes) from a mobile phone and save time and money at the store. 
Cooked ItSave cooking history and keep track of which recipes they've cooked. No more searching for recipes - your readers can keep all of their tried-and-true favorites in one place.
Keep it all in one profile - saved recipes, cooking history, shopping list - everything in one place. Users (and bloggers!) just create a free account and access their profile from home or from a mobile phone.
So, get started! It's free to start a profile, shopping list, and cooking history! 

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  1. Hi. Can you tell me how the Feastie Bar is working out for you? I'm thinking about adding it to my site if I can get my blog indexed there. Thanks for any info you can provide!